How much does it cost to bring a performance to our school?

School performances are $150 for a single performance.  Each additional performance of the same piece in the same space on the same day (for instance, if you need to split up the student body for size or other considerations) are $50 each.  For performances more than 2 driving hours from the St. Louis area, additional travel expenses may apply as well.  If an overnight stay is required due to the earliness or lateness of the event, lodging costs will also be required.  If cost is the only concern keeping you from booking a performance, let me know as I am also contacting other organizations to assist schools with hosting a performance.

What ages do you perform for?

The school performances are specifically geared toward middle and high schoolers.

How much stage space does a performance require?

The performances can be adapted to almost any situation.  Most performances need enough room to place a couple of chairs and a small table on the stage and still be able to move about.

What age group are the workshops for?

Workshops are also designed for middle and high school.

How much space do you need for workshops?

Performance workshops are participatory and involve lots of activity.  For that, we prefer a large open room with chairs and lots of space to move about.

For technical workshops, the space required depends on exactly what type of training is desired and the number of participants.  For lighting workshops, a large space is desired to demonstrate techniques.