Live Sound

Allen has more than 15 years experience in running live sound for both schools and churches as well as training both youth and adults in live sound applications. While specifics may vary from system to system, there are some concepts that apply regardless of the sound board or system setup.

Church Sound Tech

Church–We do what we do for a reason.  It is a ministry.

Sound–So people can hear and understand what is being said and sung to further enhance the ministry.

Tech–Because it is a skill, one that is learned through education and experience and not something that can be done on a moment’s notice.  It takes heart and caring mixed with talent and education.

This workshop starts with an introduction to sound and its qualities then proceeds through the functions of the various parts of most sound boards. In order to provide specific training on your system, I would need make and model information for your board and an overview of any special patching involved.

Acting Workshop

This workshop will provide new tools for your actors (or aspiring actors) which, in turn, will help make your productions better experiences for your audience members.

How can you make your movements more believable and allow them to move the script forward in the conflict?

Specific topics include:

  • memorizing
  • realistic movement
  • stage presence
  • speaking clearly
  • characterization
  • marking your script
  • overcoming stage fright

Space needed depends on the number of participants.  Space for movement is necessary.

For youth through adult.

Playwriting Workshop

The first step in any dramatic presentation–from a 5-minute script to a full 2-hour drama–is the script. All scripts, regardless of the length, should contain the same basic elements. This one-day workshop will take the participants through the process of creating a short drama but the concepts can be used for any type of drama.

The script is the Bible that is used to define the confines of the performance.

For this workshop, a room with tables works best so that the participants can easily write in response to the information given.

Projection equipment and sound equipment for connecting a computer are needed.

Youth Playwriting Workshop–Fine Arts Festival

As part of their Fine Arts Festival, the Assemblies of God includes solo and ensemble dramas. While original scripts are not required, they are encouraged. What goes into writing a great 5-minute script? This workshop will take the participants (designed specifically for youth) through the process of discovering a story and creating a compelling drama from that story including all of the critical elements.

Most of the concepts taught will be very similar to those of the Playwriting workshop above but special emphasis will be on finding and developing a story.

Projection equipment for connecting a computer is needed.

Directing Master Class

Directing is tough work.  However, effective directing is critical to a quality production.  In this workshop, Allen will work with  2-4 of your group’s actors on a scene.  As I direct the scene, I will comment on what methods I am using to communicate with the actors and how those can be translated into directing other scenes.  The scene can be one from your group’s repertoire or I can provide a script ahead of time.  The actors should have their lines memorized and have done some preliminary blocking ideas on the scene…they need to start with a rough performance not just a line reading.

What does your character NEED to accomplish in this situation?

Ideally, this would take place in a space with a raised platform so the participants can observe the action. Depending on the size, Allen and/or the performers will need wireless microphones.

Depending on the length of the scene and how much audience interaction, this can take 2-3 hours.  This could also be paired with a directing workshop where directors and performers stage a quick scene (which I would provide).

Lighting Design and Setup

By taking the time to analyze the controllable qualities of light and the functions of light in a production environment, you can change the lighting from simply providing illumination to helping direct the audience members’ view and their perception of the scenes.  For this workshop, Allen will bring some lighting equipment and will walk participants through both the design and implementation phases of creating a lighting design.

If lighting a stage for a production were just about making sure you could see all of the actors, the process would be simple.  

Allen will provide lighting equipment for this workshop and a large space is needed so that the effects of the lighting can be clearly seen.

Makeup for the Stage

Makeup for the stage is a complex field.  From basic highlights and shadow to old age and prosthetics.  This workshop will go through basic stage makeup, old age, sores and wounds, and basic beards and mustaches.

Especially for characters significantly different from the actor, the process of adding makeup can help them “put on the character” and make their portrayal stronger.

For each application, I’ll need one of your performers as a model/subject.  Each application takes between 20 and 40 minutes.

Public Speaking Basics

Surveys have shown the number 1 fear people have–even above death–is that of public speaking.  This presentation, combined with some group and individual exercises, is designed increase the comfort level of the layperson with public speaking.  An excellent way to get people “over the hump” and possibly into teaching Sunday School, working with youth or presenting information about something passionate to them.

This can be done in a small lecture hall or classroom.  Projection equipment to which I can connect a computer or a computer equipped with PowerPoint is needed.

Designed for a morning session with 1 or 2 breaks.

Workshops as Outreach

Workshops are an excellent opportunity to reach out into the community or to join forces with other churches. Workshops include information that is useful both in and out of the church in any theatrical situation.  As a result, they will benefit anyone seeking to be a better performer, director or technician.

Some churches will also charge a nominal fee for participants of workshops to cover expenses of a weekend including a workshop and one or more performances.