How much does it cost to bring a performance to our venue?

While I am a minister, performances also provide income for me and my family.  As circumstances are different for each venue, I don’t have a locked-in fee for performances.  Please contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss financial arrangements.  In addition to performance honorarium (or love offering, in some instances), travel expenses are also part of the cost associated with booking a performance.  These will vary depending on location but may include airfare or mileage, rental car, lodging and meals.

Can the travel expenses be shared by more than one organization?

Absolutely, I love being able to share my ministry with more than one organization when I travel.  Combining a performance with a workshop at the same or a nearby church is another great way to maximize the trip.

What ages do you perform for?

While none of the performances are specifically geared toward children, all of the performances will work for general audiences of teens and adults.  I can also tailor some of the performances to specific audiences such as women’s and men’s retreats, youth events and banquets.

How much stage space does a performance require?

That will vary depending on the performance you choose. Many of the performances can be adapted to almost any situation.  Most performances need enough room to place a couple of chairs and a small table on the stage and still be able to move about.

What age group are the workshops for?

Most workshops are appropriate for youth through adult.  The workshops are not geared specifically to kids but whether they are allowed to attend would be up to the host organization and the children’s parents.

How much space do you need for workshops?

Performance workshops are participatory and involve lots of activity.  For that, we prefer a large open room with chairs and lots of space to move about.

For technical workshops, the space required depends on exactly what type of training is desired and the number of participants.  For lighting workshops, a large space is desired to demonstrate techniques.

Can we charge admission for workshops or performances?

While I’m fine with churches charging participants for workshops (enough to cover food expenses, for example), if you charge admission specifically for a performance, a percentage of the ticket cost must be included as part of the honorarium.