I would bet that you and everyone you know has lost something sometime.  From the trivial (that toy car when you were 5) to the heartbreaking loss of a friend or relative and everything in between, loss can be difficult.

Yet I have found that God’s silence is an invitation to a spiritual doorway to perseverance and powerlessness—it is the way of the cross.

Mike Rakes–Surrendered and Unafraid

Have You Ever Lost Anything addresses loss.  Not just the fact that it happens, but that losing someone you love does not mean that you’ve failed as

  • a Christian
  • a pray-er
  • or in any other way…

it just means that you and your loved one are human.

Needs for this performance:

Sound:  A lavalier or head-worn wireless microphone.

Lighting:  If stage lighting is available, four general lighting areas (three downstage and one large area upstage) with two colors each (warm and cool such as Amber and Blue) are desired.

Stage and furniture:  A chair.

Performance begins and ends on stage.