The Children’s Pastor Interview

Our Bible heroes have some interesting backstories.  For some of them, despite their faith and love for God, many of them would probably be passed over for jobs in our modern churches.  Noah, Moses, Elijah, Rahab, David, Paul, Samson, Jonah and Judas…they all make an “appearance” in this comic drama about how hard it can be to find just the right person for the new Children’s Pastor.

So, God himself gave you the law.  Who was keeping up with the Israelites while you were doing that?  Joshua.  Was he one of your trainees?  How did he do?  I see…so they put all of their gold together and melted it down and formed it into a calf to worship.  And Joshua approved of this?  What did you do to bring them back into line?


This presentation takes a humorous look at our normal “requirements” for ministry and how many of our favorite Bible characters just don’t measure up.

Needs for this performance:

Sound:  A lavalier or head-worn wireless microphone.

Lighting:  Only general stage lighting is needed.

Stage and furniture:  A small table or desk in the center of the stage with two chairs (preferably padded).

Performance begins and ends on stage.