Peter’s story is one that allows us a first-hand view of what it means to be both human and a servant of Jesus. The Peter presentation is available in two formats:
  • A singular presentation which follows Peter from the Triumphal Entry to the Resurrection–Approximately 30 minutes.
  • A three-part presentation (originally done on Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday).
    • The Promise of Easter–Immediately following the Triumphal Entry–Approximately 5 minutes.
    • The Passion of Easter–Peter looks back on the Passion Week from immediately following Jesus’ Arrest.  Includes congregational communion–Approximately 15-20 minutes.
    • The Power of Easter–Peter wakes up early on Sunday morning.  Peter, John and Matthew reflect back on their life with Jesus–Approximately 10 minutes.

Needs for this performance:

Sound:  A lavalier or head-worn wireless microphone.  A sound technician available at least 1 hour before the service to go over sound cues played from either my mp3 player or a CD.

Lighting:  Depends on whether single part of three-part is selected.  I will communicate desires after scheduling the performance.  A lighting technician available at least 1 hour before the service to go over basic lighting cues.

Stage and furniture:  If three-part is selected, a small table (about 18″ by 36″) for the communion elements for the second part.  Three cubes or other seats for third part.
If singular performance, only a small table is needed (about 18″ by 36″) for communion elements for Allen.

For three part, the first part begins at the back of a central aisle.  The other two begin and all three end on stage.

For singular performance, both beginning and ending is in a central aisle.