A Shepherd Remembers

A Shepherd Remembers

Jesus compared himself to a shepherd.  What does that mean?  This scene between a shepherd and his grandchild considers what it means that Jesus was wrapped in clothes and laid in a manger, how his life changed as a result of meeting Jesus, and what it really means to be a Good Shepherd. Approximately 30 minutes.

Needs for this performance:

Sound:  Two lavalier or head-worn wireless microphones.  A sound technician available at least 1 hour before the service to go over sound cues played from either my mp3 player or a CD.

Lighting:  If stage lighting is available, three areas (left, center and one right) and, if available, one light up a central aisle for the beginning.  A lighting technician available 1 hour before the service to go over lighting cues.

Stage and furniture:  No special staging requirements.

Begins at the back of a central aisle.  Ends on stage.