Abraham and Sarah

The story of Abraham and Sarah is, first of all, a story of faith and trust.  From God’s promise to the beginning of its fulfillment took many years.  Then, after its fulfillment, Abraham was told to sacrifice Isaac.  This presentation follows Abraham and Sarah from the initial promise that the whole earth would be blessed through Abraham and Isaac’s trip to Mount Moriah for the sacrifice.

Needs for this performance:

Sound:  Two lavalier or head-worn wireless microphones.  A sound technician available at least 1 hour before the service to go over sound cues played from either my mp3 player or a CD.

Lighting:  If stage lighting is available, two areas (one left and one right).  A lighting technician available 1 hour before the service to go over lighting cues.

Stage and furniture:  No special staging requirements.

Begins and ends on stage.