Through The Eyes of John

Through the Eyes of John

Sometimes known as John the Apostle, John the Beloved, or John the Revelator.  No matter how you refer to him, John’s contributions to the New Testament were written to find deep relationships.  This presentation combines parts from the Gospel of John, Acts, John’s Epistles and the Revelation into a stirring narrative from this Beloved Disciple of Jesus.  

However, it wasn’t just the things Jesus did that was impressive, but the things He said too.

–John–“Through the Eyes of John”

The presentation includes an on-stage transformation from John the Apostle to the Elderly John the Revelator.

Needs for this performance:

Sound:  A lavalier (not head-worn) wireless microphone.  A sound technician available at least 1 hour before the service to go over sound cues played from either my mp3 player or a CD.

Lighting:  If stage lighting is available, three general lighting areas (two downstage and one large area upstage) with two colors each (warm and cool such as Amber and Blue) are desired.  Also desired is one light shining up one of the central aisles for the beginning.  A lighting technician available at least 1 hour before the service to go over basic lighting cues.

Stage and furniture:  A small table (at least 18″x36″) toward the front on one side with one chair (preferably padded).

Performance entrance is through a central aisle.  Ending is on stage.