Directing is tough work.  However, effective directing is critical to a quality production.  In this workshop, Allen will work with  2-4 of your group’s actors on a scene.  As I direct the scene, I will comment on what methods I am using to communicate with the actors and how those can be translated into directing other scenes.  The scene can be one from your group’s repertoire or I can provide a script ahead of time.  The actors should have their lines memorized and have done some preliminary blocking ideas on the scene…they need to start with a rough performance not just a line reading.

What does your character NEED to accomplish in this situation?

Ideally, this would take place in a space with a raised platform so the participants can observe the action. Depending on the size, Allen and/or the performers will need wireless microphones.

Depending on the length of the scene and how much audience interaction, this can take 2-3 hours.  This could also be paired with a directing workshop where directors and performers stage a quick scene (which I would provide).