Dramatizing Your Story

Most of the dramas I write are written as one-man shows or monologues.  Some of these have an on-stage focus as if the character is speaking to one or more other characters on stage.  Other times, the text is delivered directly to the audience.  Still other times, the character is talking to himself.  Several of my dramas change between two or even all three of these throughout the performance.  But the question sometimes comes up: “how do you come up with your scripts?”

My scripts fall into two broad categories: Scripture and personal.

For the scripture-based dramas, I start with the scriptural story I want to convey and then complete the script from there.  Sometimes the script will include direct scriptural quotes.  Other times, I wonder “what if” with the characters.  For instance, what would a conversation between Peter and John have looked like on Resurrection morning before Mary came back to tell them that the grave is empty?  I’m always careful in these cases to do the necessary research to guarantee that nothing that is in the script is contrary to what is in scripture.

For personal dramas, I find it best to start with my own experience or experiences of those close to me.  While very few of my personal dramas are 100% factual from my own life, they will all include snippets from my life or those close to me.  They are the stories of life.  As with scripture-based dramas, I’m also careful to be sure any facts or statistics in the dramas are true.

So what’s your story?  It may seem bland to you but it could also make for a great story on stage!

I want you!

I’m embarking on a new goal. I want to 1) add posts here more frequently; and 2) answer questions you may have.

Now, this site is devoted to a few things…drama (meaning live theatre), ministry, live sound and other technology. So, please try to limit the questions to the topics appearing elsewhere on the site. I can also answer questions about me.

So, what’s it gonna be? Always wondered about how we accomplish a certain bit of “magic” in live theatre? Have questions about technical theatre–lights, sound, makeup, set design/build (sorry, costumes are not my forte)? Have questions about something pertaining to acting–memorizing lines, getting into character, blocking a monologue, directing a scene, stage combat? Wanna know how to start writing your own scripts? Do you just want to know more about my story–how I got started in drama?

It’s up to you. I want to answer your questions! But I have to know what they are. Comment below (click the name of the entry above to get to the individual post page to add comments) with your question and I’ll do my best to answer them over the coming weeks.