I Survived

I Survived

New BlueDepression and mental health is one of the biggest issues facing teens in the United States. The suicide rate for people aged 10 to 24 increased 56% between 2007 and 2017. During that same time frame, the suicide rate tripled for ages 10-14 and increased by 76% for ages 15-19 (data available here).

This story takes the audience through the life story of one person who dealt with depression, self-harm and even attempted suicide. Through the drama, details are given about what could be going on with students or their friends as they deal with depression. In the end, it’s a concerned friend, not afraid to speak up, that brings healing. Emphasis is given to speaking up for friends and removing the stigma so often associated with mental illness.

Approximately 20 minutes.

Needs for this performance:

Sound: One lavalier or head-worn wireless microphone if needed for space.  There is one short voice-over track, from CD or phone/tablet, that plays at the beginning.

Lighting: General stage lighting in the center of the stage.

Stage and furniture: A small table to use as a desk and accompanying chair.

Begins and ends on stage

Have You Ever Lost Anything?

Have You Ever Lost Anything?

New Red We’ve all lost things that are important to us.  This presentation, at times light-hearted and at others painfully serious, is Allen’s story.  It follows him from childhood through adulthood as he deals with losing things and finding them again.

Needs for this performance:

Sound:  A lavalier or head-worn wireless microphone.

Lighting:  If stage lighting is available, four general lighting areas (three downstage and one large area upstage) with two colors each (warm and cool such as Amber and Blue) are desired.

Stage and furniture:  A chair.

Performance begins and ends on stage.

Technical Requirements

For any performance, a small space is needed as a changing and makeup room.  Depending on the performance, this room needs to be accessible both from the front of the house (for aisle entries on some performances) and backstage (for performances that begin or end on stage).

A wireless microphone (lavalier or head-worn unless specifically noted above) is needed for each performer if required by the size of your space.

If stage lighting is not available, a good amount of light on stage is needed.  If stage lighting is available, specific desires are listed for each performance above.

In general, the performances don’t take a lot of space.  Specific needs such as a table and/or chairs are listed for each performance above.