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  • Have you ever lost anything?

    What a question! Of course, you’ve lost something. Everybody’s lost something sometime. Right? But really think about it…have you ever lost anything that was heartbreaking to lose? For most people, it would have to be “anybody” rather than “anything” to move into that realm. Sure, we’ve all lost trivial things before…a toy car, your shoes,…

  • Dramatizing Your Story

    Most of the dramas I write are written as one-man shows or monologues.  Some of these have an on-stage focus as if the character is speaking to one or more other characters on stage.  Other times, the text is delivered directly to the audience.  Still other times, the character is talking to himself.  Several of…

  • How’d I get Started?

    A few weeks ago, I posted a plea for questions (here). I haven’t received any yet but I thought I start by tackling one that I included as an example. How did I get started in theatre? One of the earliest pictures of me in a costume is from 2nd grade. For those of you…

  • I want you!

    I want to add posts here more frequently; and 2) answer questions you may have.

  • A New Beginning

    When my wife, Kristy, tells the story about how we started dating, she will typically start off with the story of the weekend before our first date. She had been engaged before we met and had been on a couple blind dates since her engagement was broken off. Her mom had come down for the…

  • Greetings and Welcome!

    Greetings and Welcome!

    Welcome to my Blog!  These posts will be filled with information and stories about my presentations, performances, events, workshops, general drama/theatre info and probably some family life things too.  I hope you check back often.  Thanks.